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Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministry is directed by the Youth Ministry Director who develops and implements programs and activities that balance fellowship, worship, service, and witness for the following parish youth groups.

Youth Catechism
Christ said, "Let the children come to me." With that spirit, Saint Theophan the Recluse maintained that "of all holy works, the education of children is the most holy."

That ethic is our goal at St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church. We offer Youth Catechism in our faith each Sunday following communion from September to May. Starting with our three-year-old class, and continuing through high school graduation, all young people are welcomed as we journey together towards spiritual strength.

St. Nektarios features a rotation curriculum that reinforces the important themes of our faith: Lives of the Saints, Major Feast Days, The Divine Liturgy, and The Sacraments. In this manner, children are exposed to each topic several times during their studies, at various levels of maturity, fostering a deeper understanding and knowledge base. We strive to incorporate many community activities that illustrate our living of the Orthodox faith outside the classroom as well.

Our catechetical team is dedicated to the future of our faith: our children.

Adult Youth Workers

These volunteers assist our Ministry Associate as chaperones, and serve as a resource to, or provide support services for HOPE, JOY, and GOYA.

Fellowship group of youth in Kindergarten to Second Grade.

Fellowship group of youth in Third to Fifth Grade.

Fellowship group of youth in Sixth to Twelfth Grade.

Young Adult Ministry (formerly “YAL” or Young Adult League)
Fellowship group for young adults, age 18 to 35.

Athletic Program
We have boys basketball team and are developing a girls volleyball team.

Campus Ministry
This new ministry supports our youth away at college, as well as Orthodox college students in the Charlotte area. Volunteers may be called upon to “adopt” a college student over the holidays, visit our youth who are away at school, or send “care packages” from our community. Volunteers may be called upon as a resource for campus groups such as Orthodox Christian Fellowship at UNCC.

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